We are pleased that you are interested in jobs in the fields of health, care, medicine and education.

Whether you are a qualified nurse, child carer, or geriatric nurse, we are quite sure we can find you a suitable job in medicine or healthcare.

Applicants in care professions have excellent prospects

Whether you are a specialist, manager, young professional, job returnee (e.g. after maternity leave), or freelancer – we offer you varied prospects and look for a suitable position for you. To achieve this, we cooperate with hospitals, nursing homes or residential communities, mobile care services, doctors’ surgeries, hospices, palliative and rehabilitation facilities, insurance companies and educational facilities, and if it is your wish, cater for any further training you may require.


  • finding you the job you want: personnel placement or transfer of staff
  • above-average pay
  • permanent work contracts
  • up to 30 days‘ leave depending on seniority and age
  • capital-forming benefits
  • coverage of monthly tickets in public transport
  • transport service to your workplace and back
  • further training by request
  • occupational health coverage
  • duty rota according to preference
  • a competent contact in healthcare
  • 24-hour support

Whether you are a registered nurse, geriatric carer or medical specialist, we bring together employees and employers, offering attractive conditions and promising perfect future prospects. Why don’t you take a look at our Job Offers [LINK] – you’re sure to find a suitable job. We look forward to your application!