We as a personnel service provider in healthcare wish to act not as mere recruiters, but as a place where applicants, employees and employers alike can meet and participate in open discussion with each other.

Our lives and the world of employment are in a process of constant change, which also shapes and alters our work relationships. As a recruitment agency in healthcare, we are particularly aware of these changes. We recognise the needs and challenges which arise from this process, and know how to best deal with them, since we not only concentrate on market and field expertise and have a feeling for trends, but show empathy in equal measure.

Our task as a personnel service provider in healthcare is not only to mediate between staff and clients, but also to help find a match between work and everyday life. Our wish is to support both employers and employees in a forward-looking and sustainable way and at the same time cater for everyone’s requirements. That is why we as a medical recruitment agency are available to our staff and clients around the clock – in all respects and in every way.

As a healthcare staff agency, we know that a particularly high level of sensitivity, regard and care is vital in all areas of the health branch, particularly when dealing with people. Thanks to our internal quality management, we cater for transparency and consistency for all of those involved.

Aulamed – always at your service!